for Parents

Congratulations. You are now committed to a lot more work than you thought. It’s a good thing thing it’s so much fun!

Please peruse the portion of this site that contains the information your young fighter will need, to help with any of the forms and to encourage a spirit of independence. The younger the fighter, the more you will have to be involved and aware during the fights, practices and meetings.

We encourage you to consider becoming a Youth Marshal and to help promote the sport and maintain the achievements and progress made thus far.

Thank you for supporting Youth Combat in the Eastern Kingdom and thank you for supporting your fighter in a quest for improvement.

Some Forms You Will Need

EK Youth Combat Rules revised January 2019. 
Authorization Procedure
Youth Combat Authorization Form and Card

Who’s having more fun?


Waivers are here in the  SCA Document Library.

Waivers are to be used for each practice or event in which a youth fighter participates. Waivers are not necessary if the youth fighter can show a blue membership card (this denotes that the youth fighter has a waiver on file with the Society).

If you cannot be at practice, and your fighter will attend with another adult, please send them with the notarized ‘permission to treat’ form. Parents/guardians MUST be present, however, in order for a youth fighter to authorize for tourney and melee combat.

Still not sure? Lord Tiberius answers that age-old question: What Forms Do I Need to participate or practice in, around or with Youth Combat?

The Two-Deep Rule

Society Seneschal Memorandum
The rules of the East Kingdom require youth marshals to have a valid background check and supervise practices using a “2 deep” model. This means that practices are coached by two adults who are not related to one another. One of them must have completed the background check