For Youth Marshals

Be a marshal. Teach.

For many of the youth and their parents, you represent the first link they have with the East Kingdom and the Society. Be prepared to answer questions as a chatelaine and fix and build armor and weapons. Avoid sending a fighter away from the list with failed weapons or armor. Instead, try to help them fix their gear. Get them moving. Be a bridge between the modern middle ages and the world outside!


Youth Combat Authorization Form and Card, with most up-to-date mailing address. Please destroy older versions of the authorization form so that incorrect ones won’t be used accidentally.

Authorization Procedure

EKYC Marshallate Guidelines

Form for use at events and practices.

The Two-Deep Rule

Society Seneschal Memorandum 
The rules of the East Kingdom require youth marshals to have a valid background check and supervise practices using a “two deep” model. This means that all practices and events require the presence of two adults who are not related to one another. One of them must have completed the background check. 


Marshals should also know what their charges will be reading and following: 
EK Youth Combat Rules revised January 2019.

We also have a handy checklist to help marshals stay organized. It includes items to prepare the list field, things to remember when checking equipment, and other necessaries for Youth Combat Marshals. 
Marshal’s Checklist for Events 
Marshal’s Checklist for Practices

For the time when a fighter/parent has constructed a helmet, here are the Helmet Construction Guidelines.

Other Resources

To learn about medieval armoring techniques, fighting, and fighter culture:  The Armor Archive
For a foundation in a combat training regimen, try Bellatrix Fighting School
For another, more structured approach to combat instruction, try Novicious Training


View the Youth Combat Calendar.

If you have a Google Mail account (gmail), you can add the EK Youth Combat calendar to your own calendar, so any changes made online will show in your calendar. It’s a very handy tool.

Become A Marshal!

We are always looking for more Youth Marshals. If you are interested, please read this information.

Join the Group

Warranted marshals are added to a kingdom-wide mailing list. If you are a warranted marshal and have not automatically been added to this list, send a message to to be subscribed.

Send a message to to reach all of the marshals. You can see an archive of previous messages at

Youth Marshals who are on Facebook should join the EK Youth Combat Marshal Discussion Group.

Report Schedule

Marshals should file their quarterly report via the online report form on or before the following dates: February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15.

(MiTs should check-in with their training marshals a week earlier.)

The East Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Combat reports to the East Kingdom Earl Marshal two weeks later on March 1, July 1, September 1, and December 1.