Understanding Waiver and Medical Forms

The same waiver-form policies apply at all SCA events, from the largest tournament down to the smallest local practice.

At large events, dedicated staff at the event gate are responsible for enforcing these policies; at smaller activities the policies are enforced by the officer in charge or someone they’ve designated.

As a result, at larger events, the youth combat marshals will not deal with waivers, but at a local youth combat practice, the convening youth marshal is generally responsible for enforcing this rule.


Waivers are necessary for all major events, and any practice or gathering in which youth are participating in martial activities.

The waiver requirement can be fulfilled either by signing a waiver form, or by showing a blue membership card (which denotes that a signed waiver is already on file with the Society).

Waiver forms are available from the SCA Document Library. In addition to standard Minor Waiver form, there’s also a roster-style Family Minor Waiver for families with multiple children.

Medical Authorization Forms

Minors who attend practices or events without their parents or legal guardians — such as with a family friend, aunt, etc — must have a signed medical authorization form that designates a responsible adult who can consent to medical treatment on their behalf.

Medical Authorization Forms are available from the SCA Document Library.

For More Information

The policies for youth waivers and medical authorization forms are defined Society-wide and are not specific to youth combat. To learn more about them, consult the relevant kingdom youth officer, or relevant policy documents.

Society Seneschal Handbook Section XI: Youth Policies

East Kingdom Chancellor Minor’s Policies