Understanding Background Checks and the Two-Deep Rule

At every SCA youth activity, there must be at least two adults present who are not related to one another, and at least one of them must have passed an SCA-provided background check.

The Two-Deep Rule

When SCA youth officers organize an official youth-oriented activity (including youth combat), they are responsible for ensuring that at least two adults are present who are not related, married, or in a personal relationship.

Background Checks

All candidates for becoming a warranted youth combat marshals are required to submit to a background check, and those who fail the background check will not be warranted. Background checks must be renewed every two years to maintain a warrant.

There must be at least one warranted and background-checked marshal supervising any official youth combat activity.

For More Information

The policies for youth activities and background checks are defined Society-wide and are not specific to youth combat. To learn more about them, consult the relevant kingdom youth officer, or relevant policy documents.

Society Seneschal Handbook Section XI: Youth Policies

East Kingdom Chancellor Minor’s Policies