New EK Youth Combat Champions!

Our First Deputy of Youth Combat , Kyria Eikaterine tin Elliniki, has provided the following report from the Tournament of the Daffodils V that was held on April 30, 2022.

We had a really lovely EK Youth Combat Championship tournament at Daffodils Saturday. Please congratulate Ráðúlfr Grímólfsson and Brian son of Brennan for being our level 3 and level 2 EK Youth Combat Champions. Their term as Champions will last for 6 months, and they have the honor to attend TRMs when they are present at RP events for the duration. Ráðúlfr, our Level 3 Champion will be asked to assist in the organization and running of the next YC Champion tournament to be held some time this fall, which will give him some experience with the other side of the list ropes. Vivat to our Champions, our Future!

We had a great turnout of YC marshals, MITs, and Chiv to help make the day run smoothly. Sir William, our Southern Region Adult Heavy List Commander and Leon Griffin (Logan Wood), a former Youth Fighter (who recently aged out of the program) spent 3-4 hours working with interested kids on technique and strategies. Their patience was incredible. Kimberly ferch Cadell (Kimberly Deschamps) served as our MOL (thank you, Kim!) and Lorenz Greylever (Matthew Stopard) and Carrick MacSeáin (Craig Johnston) rounded out our numbers. Carrick made beautiful YC Champion baldrics presented to Ráðúlfr and Brian at Court.