Greetings from the New East Kingdom Marshal of Youth Combat


As of today, Mistress Eikaterine has stepped down as East Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Combat. She has held this position for over three years and has admirably served the kingdom, the marshalate, and our youth. Eikaterine has graciously agreed to stick around as First Deputy, and I’m reassured to know we’ll still have access to the guidance of the mentor who brought me into this program and has taught me so much.

I will serve as DEM YC as we move forward, and will try to measure up to the high bar set by my predecessors. I look forward with appreciation to the continued service of the regional deputies and local youth marshals that make this program run — thank you all for your help.

With all major events suspended for the foreseeable future, the Youth Combat program is in an awkward state of hibernation, but over the coming months I’d like to find ways to keep both marshals and youth engaged and active, so that our skills do not become rusty, and we can hit the ground running when conditions allow us to meet again in person.

We’ll have more to say about those efforts in the weeks ahead, but for now, please join me in thanking Eikaterine for her service.

— Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
— East Kingdom Marshal of Youth Combat