Division II – III Checklist

Key Armor and Weapons for Ages 10–17


  • Head: One piece helmet (hockey, metal) with rigid face mask and a chin strap. Helm or a drape should cover gaps to the gorget.
  • Neck: Padded gorget made with rigid material or heavy leather
  • Torso: 3 items
    • Chest: Solar Plexus/xyphoid process protection of rigid material/medium leather and padding. Include breast coverage for female fighters of medium leather, heavy quilted material, or the equivalent.
    • Abdomen: Cloth (shirt) and Kidney belt (rigid material or medium leather and padding)
    • Groin: Gender appropriate, rigid groin protection or padded gambeson or skirt at least as heavy as light leather
  • Elbows: Rigid material covering padding
  • Hands: Gloves with 1/2″ closed cell foam and rigid material or equivalent.
  • Legs: 2 items
    • Leg: To be covered in cloth (long pant or skirts)
    • Knees: Rigid material covering padding
  • Feet: Closed toe and closed heel shoes


  • Mid-weight shield with covered edges.


  • Sword or other weapon consistent with youth rules.
  • Butt spikes allowed on great weapons.
  • Weapons should be marked with one or two bands of contrasting tape around the blade.
  • Bring weapons of length and core diameter as appropriate to the Division to be fought within.
  • Note: Siloflex and PEX cores may be disallowed in some Kingdoms. Check when packing for inter-kingdom events. If the event uses the Society Rules (such as Pennsic) then these materials are permitted.

Additional Notes

Positive force blows.

Touch face thrusts.

Minimum force body thrust.

If Parent is not on site, correct waivers (child and medical) must accompany the young fighter and his/her responsible adult. (Probably best to store them in the youth’s combat-gear bag.)