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Marshal in Charge - Event Checklist

Before the event:

  • Confirm space/time allotments with autocrat
  • Find out if you have the help of other Marshals/MiTs.
  • Post the Marshals List and ask for help!
  • Make sure your event is on the Youth Combat Calendar
  • Decide if you'll run a tourney
  • Arrange prizes for tourney winners (3 or 4 Divisions. Prizes for Chivalry, too)
  • Hype the event

Bring to the Event:

  • Waivers
  • Authorization Forms
  • Clipboard
  • Pens
  • Sign in sheet for Marshals
  • Sign in sheet for Fighters
  • Marshal stick
  • Water for fighters (if not supplied on site and even if it is!)
  • Garbage bags
  • Table if you have one (if not supplied on site)
  • Easy up if you have one (if shelter is not supplied by site)
  • Ropes/caution tape to mark the list (stakes for outdoor use)
  • Weapon and Gear Fixing Essentials
  • Loaner Gear if you have it
  • Prizes if you're supplying them
  • Anything you need for your particular games and scenarios

At the Event:

Arrive at least an hour before list is to open so you can:

  • Set up list area
  • Walk area and look for hazards (glass, sticks, holes, dog poop)
  • Set up fighter sign-in area
  • Establish a "gear dump" area/fighter hang-out area
  • Start a Marshals' Sign-in Sheet
  • Assess your helpers and designate responsibility (utilize experienced fighters!)
  • Assess fighters and revise plans to according to number, ability, staff
  • Hold a quick meeting so Marshals, fighters, and parents know what's on the agenda

Other Notes

  • Try to stay on schedule
  • If you hold Authorizations, check Completed Authorization Forms for legible contact info and the signatures of Marshals and parents before everyone leaves!

After You're Done:

  • Inform Heralds of any young fighters to be honored in court
  • Go to Court yourself if you're the one honoring young fighters
  • Give any completed waivers to Event Autocrat
  • Make copies of Completed Authorization Forms and mail originals to the MoL of Youth Combat
  • Thank your helpers, honor young fighters, and gloat about your event on the Youth Combat List!


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