What forms do I need…

…to practice or participate in an event?

Waivers are to be used for each practice or event in which a youth fighter participates. Please see the matrix below to see what forms are required in order to participate in youth combat activities.

If parent or guardian will not be present, the notarized form is required for participation. Please note, however, that parents/guardians MUST be present in order for a youth fighter to authorize for tourney and melee combat.

Please note that minors who attend practices or events without their parents (with a family friend, aunt, etc) must have a Consent to Treat form. In the East Kingdom south of the Canadian border, the notarized form is to be used. For those gentles residing (or attending events/practices) in Canada, the non-notarized form is to be used.

YouthWaiver to ParticipateNotarized Consent to TreatConsent to Treat
Blue Card with ParentNoNoNo
Blue Card without ParentNoYes
Tir Mara – No
Tir Mara – Yes
White Card or non- Member with ParentYesNoNo
White Card or non- Member without ParentYesYes

All forms are available in the SCA Documents Library.

  • Waiver for Minors
  • PDF file Family Minor Waiver
  • Minor Waiver & Consent to Travel/Medical Authorization Form (the SCA site notes that this form, when used in Florida, must be notarized. The East Kingdom requires a notarized form as explained above).

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Earl Marshal of Youth Combat March 2010