Division 4 Checklist

Key Armor and Weapons, Rattan Combat, Ages 16-17,



  • Heavy List shield constructed to EK standards.


  • Metal Helm: minimum 16 gauge with face grill preventing entry of items greater than 1″ in diameter. 
    Specifications for Helmet Construction
  • Rigid gorget backed by foam or padding covering the larynx and cervical spine.
  • Padded gambeson or body pads. Rigid shoulder protection extending 2″ past shoulder point. Rigid sternum protection. Female fighters must have breast protection.
  • Kidney belt.
  • Padded gloves with demi gauntlets for basketed weapons and shields. Full gauntlets or hockey gloves for non basketed weapons and shields.
  • Rigid forearm.
  • Rigid thigh protection.
  • Rigid shin protection.
  • Rigid elbows and knees which protect the sides of the joint as well as the point.
  • Long pants.
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Gender appropriate, rigid groin protection. Female fighters must have equivalent of heavy leather covering the groin and lower abdomen hip-point-to-hip-point.

Some Additional Notes

Heavy List calibration blows and thrusts.